Vision and Values




Higher Still  






To be successful in promoting quality education in a holistic learning environment to meet the challenges of life in a global context. 







The Curepe Presbyterian School aims to instill in each child a sense of commitment to strive for excellence in all endeavours in a changing environment. 






At Curepe Presbyterian School we value:


-Honesty and Integrity

-Unity of Purpose

-Responsible Behaviour 

-Perseverance of goals

-Optimism that every child had potential

-Equality of all students

-Committed staff members

-Co-operative  parents

-Respect for all religions






Praise be to You, Almighty God,

Creator of the Universe and all that is in it,

We Thank You, O father, for the opportunity which 

You are giving us to increase our knowledge.

May Your divine grace enable us to study hard,

And to use what we learn for the good of our fellow citizens.


We pray that You will free us from selfishness, lust, 

Greed, anger and hatred.

Warm our hearts with love,

Fill our minds with understanding

And strengthen our will in the face of all diffuclties.

Help us, O Father, to make our beloved  

Country of Trinidad and Tobago

The kind of place You want it to be. 

A Place where human dignity is respected

Where equal rights are accorded to all citzens

Where hard work is encouraged and rewarded

And where You, O God, reign Supreme.






Let there be peace on earth 

And Let it begin with me

Let There Be Peace on Earth 

The peace that was meant to be

With God as our father

Brothers all are we

Let me walk with my brother,

 In perfect harmony


Let peace begin with me 

Let this be the moment now,

With every step I take

Let this be my solemn vow,

To take each moment and live 

Each moment in peace eternally

let there be peace on earth 

And let it begin with me.