Pupils must wear the correct uniform at all times.   


Boys: - Kakhi Pants & Blue Shirt with Monogram; black belt from Standard one. Black shoes and navy blue socks.  Boys' hair must be well groomed and suitable for school. 


Girls:- Navy Overalls, White Shirts and White Shoes and socks. Socks must be worn at least 6cm above the ankle. Girls' hair must be neatly pulled back. All  long hair must be plaited. No hair extensions, colours, streaks and high-lights. Hair accessories may include 2cm plain black bandeau and a minimum of blue or white woogies or bobbles and ribbon only. 


House Badges must be worn at all times. Earrings should be worn by girls only. Girls may where gold or silver stoppers, no hoop earrings are allowed.  A written  excuse must be presented to a class teacher for incorrect uniform. 


Be regular and punctual always. The school bell is rung at 8:15 a.m.. We expect children to be on the school compound by 8:05 A.M. A daily record of punctuality is kept. Parents of chronic late comers will be served a notice to meet with school administration. A written excuse MUST  be sent to the class teacher for absenteeism or lateness. Undue absenteeism may lead to loss of school place.


Be orderly and disciplined at all times, especially while worship and classes are being conducted. Be courteous and honest always. School rules MUST be obeyed and all staff members must be respected. Permission must be granted before leaving the classrooms or school compound. Do not litter. Keep all classrooms and surroundings clean and healthy. Bring a small bag for your litter. No expensive games, equipment and camera phones are allowed in the school. 


Pupils must be provided with books and pens. All books MUST be covered, labelled and kept in good condition.  Study and revise your lessons at home. Homework must be done at home and parents or guardians MUST sign all written assignments.


Parents must leave and pick up their children at the school gate to the western end of the compound . If you request to see your child's teacher to discuss his/her performance, an appointment can be made for any Thursday afternoon after 2 PM. In case of an emergency  you are requested to check with the Principal.  Visitors are to check with the Security Guard, sign the entry log book and obtain a Visitors' Pass before entering the compound . Parents  MUST meet the administration before seeing the teachers. 


At peak hours (7:30-8:30 A.M. and 2:30 to 4:00 P.M.) cars proceed in a westerly direction only along Lyndon Street in front of the school. On mornings, parents are allowed to drop off their children from their cars in front of the Western Gate only.  On afternoons parents are advised to park their cars and walk to the school to pick up their children. Picking up your child in front of the school's western gate is discouraged unless your child is aware that you have arrived and is already waiting at the western gate inside of the school. This guideline is given to reduce the level of traffic in the afternoons. 
The safety and security of our children is of paramount importance at Curepe Presbyterian. Children are to wait inside of the school compound until their parent or guardian arrives. Parents picking up their children after school are not to go beyond the white line on the school's compound unless they have given permission to do so.  All students MUST be collected no later than 4:00P.M. in the interest of the child's safety. All students MUST be collected NO LATER THAN 4:00 P.M. in the interest of the child's safety. 



We suggest that a small piece of fruit or vegetable should be given to your child for the morning break.   Please do not pack chocolates, sweets or soft drinks since they do not encourage healthy eating habits. Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water and to keep themselves very hydrated. 



All cell phones MUST be switched off and kept in school bag during school hours. No Camera Phones are allowed at school. Permission must be granted by a teacher for use of phone. In case of an emergency, parents can contact the school. 



Parents are expected to participate in all activities including fund raisers as well as encourage their children to take part in the upliftment and development of our school. As parents, you will be required to lend your support to our endeavours when called upon. Make every effort to attend all meetings and all PTA meetings. When necessary, make an appointment to meet with the Class Teacher on a Thursday afternoon.





All pupils are expected to participate in at least one (1) extra or co-curricular activity. The following is a list of extra and co-curricular activities available at school: Swimming, Gymnastics, Red Cross,  Field Trips and Music (Pan). Quizzes and other competitions sponsored by the school/ and or sanctioned by the Ministry of Education. The success of our school and your child depends on the support of all the stakeholders.