Welcome to Curepe Presbyterian School and welcome to our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This is one of many ways parents can get more involved in our thriving school community. Traditionally PTAs are set up by parents to raise money to improve the school environment for our children and Curepe Presbyterian School PTA is no exception. Over the years we have raised many thousands of dollars, which have been spent on improving equipment and facilities in the school.


Support the school

Money raised by the PTA has helped fund our computer lab and maintain our facilities in general.  Without the financial contribution of the PTA our school will have insufficent resources required to give our children the best possible environment for learning. Therefore you support is necessary.


Make friends & Get Involved

At Curepe Presbyterian we also believe that our PTA should have another function and that is to bring the children, staff and parents together socially. To this end we are seeking to provide the framework whereby this can happen by hosting several events throughout the year. Traditionally our main events are our Annual Grand Bazzar/Family Day and Walkathon. However over a period of time we seek to develop stronger ties by developing parent and student clubs and workshops.


Keep in touch

There are two General Meetings held each academic year where parents/guardians can be brought up-to-date with what is happening at the school. In addtion, the PTA executive can be reached via email or though our online "Suggestion Box".  Persons wishing to volunteer or make their voices heard are encouraged to do so by contacting members of the PTA Executive. There are many ways a parent or a guardian can get invloved; you may contribute to our quarterly newsletter, assist with maintaining our website, assist with fundrasiers etc. If you would like to know more about how you can volunteer, please contact any member of the PTA Executive. 

Welcome to the Curepe Presbyterian PTA