G Suite for Education

What is G Suite for Education?

G Suite for Education is a suite of free Google tools and services that are tailored for schools. It allows our school to collaborate, communicate, organize and manage our classrooms virtually. 

What does G Suite for Education include?

G Suite for Education includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet,Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Jamboard and Google Calendar. This suite of applications allows our school to effectively run our virtual classrooms.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an app that provides a platform for teachers to create, share, and grade classwork and for students to access and complete assignments. Classroom works with other G Suite applications, such as Google Drive, Docs and Meet.


Google Meet is a video conferencing app that is a part of G Suite for Education.  Meet allows educators to continue connecting with students and is used to carry out synchronous classes.

What is Google Meet?
Does G Suite for Education work better with certain browsers?

 Yes. You can access your G Suite for Education apps in all newer browsers, however, Google Chrome is best.

Can I access G Suite on my mobile and tablet devices? 

Yes. G Suite for Education can be accessed on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. In many cases, the mobile web browser on smartphones or tablets is sufficient, although users can install G Suite-specific apps from either the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. 

How much storage space does Google Drive offer? 

Unlimited.  Through CPS G Suite for Education subscription, all teachers and students have unlimited storage capacity. 

Where can I get additional assistance?

You may follow this link for google support https://support.google.com/edu/answer/9804057?hl=en