About Us

The Curepe Presbyterian School is located at Lyndon Street, Curepe on the beautiful island of Trinidad. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands that make the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago which are the southern most islands in the Caribbean. In Trinidad & Tobago, the education system is structured at two levels; a Primary Level (ages 5-12 years) and a Secondary Level (ages 12-18 years). Curepe Presbyterian is a primary school.


As its name implies, the school is a Presbyterian institution. The Presbyterian Church in Trinidad & Tobago has played a leading role in the education system, having nurtured many of its leaders and other stalwarts of the society. This school is a gem among primary schools having evolved over the many years of its existence into an educational institution renowned for its academic as well as extra curricular achievements.


A Historical Perspective


Curepe Presbyterian School was originally established at St. John's Road in St. Augustine in 1929 and was known then as the St. John's Canadian Mission (C.M) School. Mr. Thomas Bazzard was appointed the Head Teacher (Principal) of the school at that time. Due to its small population that comprised mainly of Roman Catholics, the school was closed on November 18, 1930 and was relocated in its present location at Lyndon Street, Curepe. The transfer of the school was facilitated by the Board of Education on October 30th 1930.















The new wooden structure was built to accommodate two hundred and thirty six (236) children on lands donated by the Orange Grove Sugar Estates, on the site chosen by Reverend Harvey Morton, son of Reverend John Morton founder of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad. The school was then named the Curepe Canadian Mission Indian School (Curepe C.M.I.). In 1949, the wooden building was replaced by the present building, which was completed in 1950 at a cost of $27,000. It was built to accommodate 535 pupils and was formally opened by His Excellency the Acting Governor, Mr. P. Rension. Mr. J.D. Bideshi was appointed principal. Today this same building accommodates approximately 750 pupils. Mr. Saith Latchu, the former manager of the school was first appointed to the post in 1956. He has served this institution as manager, continuously from 1970 to 2001. 


From its inception Curepe Presbyterian School established and maintained high standards and excellence in education, a feat it has sustained throughout the years. The school was outstanding in its achievements having won the Garden Shield for Agriculture for three (3) consecutive years from 1938-1940. In 1942, the school won the Grier Shield for Proficiency in Handwriting and in Art and Craft. This shield was also won for three consecutive years. Continuing in this trend, in 1984 Curepe Presbyterian School was the most outstanding Primary School in the first National Science Fair. Awards were made at the Valsayn Teachers' College. Our school received a shield for its grand achievement.


Curepe Presbyterian has always sort to improve and upgrade its facilities and consequently in 1983, a Science and Social Studies Block was added. This was done to help improve the teaching of these subjects that were added to the Common Entrance Examination. A Library was constructed in 1991 and just recently a Computer Laboratory along with a school's cafeteria was constructed. All these facilities were added with the goodwill, commitment and generosity of parents, well wishers and a vibrant Parents Teachers' Association.
























In 2003, a Comprehensive Physical Education programme was introduced.  Curepe Presbyterian School continues to excel and is today recognized by the Ministry of Education as one of the leaders in Primary Education. Our track record says it all. The school continued to progress and develop both in academic and aesthetic areas of the school's curriculum.


Curepe Presbyterian currently has twenty-eight members of staff. The school's current Principal is Mrs. Brenda Pattron-Motilal.