Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events 
April 23th, 2019 to July 5th, 2019
Please Note: Dates Are Subject to Change
Tuesday, 23rd:  School Re-opens                                               
Friday, 26th:  TTUTA Elections                                                  
 Friday, 3rd: Parents' Meeting (1st & 2nd Yr)                                 
Thursday, 09th: Parents' Meeting (Stds. 1 & 2 )                           
                                         Friday, 10th: Mothers' Day Service (Mon. & Tues. Teachers Day )                                           
                 Tuesday, 14th: Parent's Meeting (Infant I & II)                                             
Thursday, 16th: Parents' Meeting (Stds 3 & 4)                              
Wednesday, 29th: SPORTS' DAY                                                
Thursday, 30th: Indian Arrival Day                                              
  Wednesday, 05th:  Eid UI Fitr                                                      
          Saturday, 08th: PTA Walk-A-Thon                                                 
                               Friday, 14th: Father's Day Service / Monthly Service                                                     
    Monday, 17th: Submission of Test Papers                                         
Tuesday, 18th:  Graduation Exercises                                          
Wednesday, 19th:  Labour Day                                                   
Thursday, 20th:  Corpus Christi                                                   
Monday, 24th:  End of Term Test Begins                                     
Friday, 28th:  Orientation of New 1st Yr Intake                            
                       Mon. 1st & Tues. 2nd: Signing of Reports Books                                                
Wednesday, 3rd:  End of Term Service                                      
 Thursday, 4th: Distribution of Report Books                                
 Friday, 5th:  School Closes