Calendar of Events 
January 6th, 2020 to April 3rd, 2020
Please Note: Dates Are Subject to Change
Monday, 6th:  School Re-opens                                               
  Friday, 10th:  Monthly Service (Monday Teachers)                       
                   Tuesday, 21st:  Staff Meeting                                                                     
     Monday, 3rd: Distribution of Applications Forms for Infant Intake     
                            Wednesday, 5th: World Read Aloud Day                                                               
                                            Thursday, 6th: Eastern Credit Union S.E.A Motivational Workshop Std 5                                    
                  Thursday, 13th: Monthly Service                                                                 
       Friday, 14th: Calypso Competition                                                   
 Tuesday, 18th: Monthly Staff Meeting                                         
Thursday, 20th: Carnival Parade Of The Bands                           
                    Friday, 21st: S.E.A Practice Test                                                                   
 Monday, 24th: Carnival Monday                                                
Tuesday, 25th: Carnival Tuesday                                              
  Thursday, 17th:  Staff Meeting                                                   
                                       Friday, 20th: Monthly Service (Re-enactment) / World Poetry Day                                       
                         Monday, 23rd:  Test (Upper Floor / Lower Floor)                                                 
                    Tuesday, 24th: Test (Lower Floor / Practice Test - Std 5)                                
        Wednesday 25th -- Friday 27th: Signing of Report Books                    
   Monday 30th: Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day (Public Holiday)        
                         Tuesday 31st: S.E.A Service of Faith and Confidence & Collection of Report Books  
                        Wednesday, 1st: Preparation of School for S.E.A                                                
              Thursday, 2nd:  Secondary Entrance Assessment                                      
 Friday, 3rd:  School Closes                                                        


School SMS Messaging System



Please note that our SMS messaging code is 2777. Please be reminded that messages received via text from 2777 are official messages from the school's administration and are read-only. Printable Forms are available under the "Parents Resources" tab.

Not yet signed up?
No problem! Simply visit the school's library or download a printable form (click link below) fill out the relevant details and sign. This should then be given to your child's class teacher.
           SMS New Subscription Form

Curepe Presbyterian School

Cell Phone Policy


Dear Parent / Guardian,


Within recent times there has been an increase in the inappropriate use of cellular phones at the school. These include: photography of students of the opposite sex, inappropriate material on cellular phones, phone thefts, destruction of phones by other students, and other similar incidences. These activities have caused great disturbances to the context and conduct of classroom teaching, to parents of affected students, to the administration of the office of the principal and to the moral and ethical policies of the institution.


In accordance with the National Schools’ Code of Conduct guidelines for cellular phone use, we have decided to cease the use of camera cellular phones on the school’s compound with effect from the new school’s term commencing 11th April 2016, and to allow ONLY the use of non-camera phones. The institution recognizes the importance of students having to communicate with parents or their drivers. This policy will reduce the inappropriate use of camera phones on the school’s compound.


Please be guided by the following which are in accordance with the National Schools’ Code of Conduct concerning use of mobile hand-held electronic communicated devices (cellular telephones):


1. Security for cell phones is the responsibility of the adults and students bringing them on the school’s compound and/or to a school-related activity. Parents and guardians wishing to allow their charges (students) to carry cell phones to school or a school-related activity (on or off the school compound), must understand that such devices are the responsibility of their charges while at school or at school-related activities.



2. Phones must be switched off upon entering the school’s compound and stored in the students’ school bags. The phone should not be switched on during regular school hours.

3. In the event of an emergency, parents will be contacted by school officials.

4. Parents wishing to contact their child/ward must contact the school at 662-4120.



It is important to note that in the event that students disobey the school rules with respect to bringing camera phones at school, the following action would be taken:


  • In-house suspension of students

  • Withdrawal of privileges

  • Parents would be immediately informed and will be asked to collect device at the end of school’s regular hours



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